What is a "touch down" drain assembly?

Published 10/15/2012 10:14 AM   |    Updated 10/15/2013 01:21 PM

Danze supplies an increasing number of lavatory faucets with our Touchdown drain assembly. The drain plug is set or released by simply pushing down on the drain cover (similar to operating a retractable ball-point pen). A lift rod is not needed to operate the Touchdown drain. The Touchdown drain eliminates the need for complicated and difficult to install linkage between the drain plug and a lift rod, and allows for more flexible location of the faucet on the deck without worrying about clearance for the operation of the lift rod. Touchdown drains are supplied with overflow ports, and should be used in sinks with overflow drainage. Vessels and sinks without overflow should be equipped with drains that cannot be stopped or plugged. Use Danze covered grid strainer without overflow ports in this kind of application.

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